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The Department of Defense (DoD) will harness artificial intelligence (AI) to transform all functions of DoD positively, according to a summary of the Department’s AI strategy. AI, machine learning (ML) and related technologies have great potential to transform how the DoD and national security agencies operate and deliver on their mission—but these technologies also require agencies to think in new ways about technology, policy and workforce strategies.

AI is generating buzz in part because of its high ‘cool’ quotient-but coolness counts for nothing in national security, where it’s all about the mission. Leveraging AI means investing in an AI ecosystem that includes the people, computing infrastructure, data, and policies required to support any organization’s deployment of AI technology.

As the Center for Strategic and International Studies points out, the technology required to deliver AI results for national security applications differ from what is expected from commercial AI.  AI applications for national security must operate in specialized, high-risk areas and be secured, assured, reliable and explainable.  Therefore, verification and validation capabilities are essential for these systems to operate effectively.

Join AFCEA DC on May 21 for a webinar on how the DoD is using AI. This free webinar will feature a keynote address, followed by three lightning round fireside chats.

Thursday, May 21, 2020
1:30 PM – 3:00 PM

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Lt. Gen. John "Jack" Shanahan


Joint Artificial Intelligence Center


Dr. George Duchak

Chief Information Officer

Defense Logistics Agency

Lauren Knausenberger

Chief Transformation Officer

U.S. Air Force

David Spirk

Chief Data Officer

U.S. Special Operations Command