Weekly Toy Challenges


October 19 - October 25

The spirit of giving should also be fun
So, here is the challenge we give for Week One:

Let’s lead with your heart by growing young minds
As someone who seeks so often finds,
Not sugar plums or candy canes
The brightest of gifts will fill up their brains
AFCEA DC now humbly beseeches
Please wisely provide:

Best Submissions for the Week 1 Challenge:


October 26 - November 1

You rose to the challenge, yet there’s more to do
So keep the sleigh filling as we reach Week Two

The pipers are piping, the drummers are drumming
The Marine Corps has promised that your toys are coming
It’s joy that we’re hauling, it’s hope that we schlep
And though we are distant, we’re marching in step
Let’s honor the season with valor and verve
Procure something special...

Best Submissions for the Week 2 Challenge:


November 2 - November 8

Week Three is upon us and here’s your new prompt
Tho’ days have grown shorter and, sure, you are swamped
Find charity toward the world, our friend
For giving will soon lead to longing’s end
The holiday music is now in the air
Embrace it by finding a song you can share
Remember your gift can do wondrous things
When you give a child...

Best Submissions for the Week 3 Challenge:


November 9 - November 15

The chill in the air has us feeling wistful
And though we’re collecting new toys by the fistful
We longingly turn to days of yore
And give you this challenge for Giving Week Four:

Return to your youth and what gave you joy
Remember that feeling as you find a toy
Nostalgia can warm when days have grown cold
So, reach back and purchase...

Best Submissions for the Week 4 Challenge:


November 16 - November 22

Welcome again to the ongoing drive
The Toys for Tots giving has entered Week Five!

So here’s your next challenge, we ask that you heed this
Remember the kids who so desperately need this.
Their world has been altered, each girl and each boy
The toys you deliver provide them with joy
The smallest of gifts can set their hearts soaring
So, let’s send them off with...

Best Submissions for the Week 5 Challenge:


November 23 - November 29

We trust that you’re wanting your poetry fix
Your timing’s sublime! Here’s your rhyme for Week Six.

A fortnight to go, it is almost Thanksgiving
And while we turn focus to family living
Whether alone or with someone you know
We thought this week’s challenge would be apropos
To purchase a gift not for using or wearing
But something much warmer...

Best Submissions for the Week 6 Challenge:


November 30 - December 7

It’s hard to believe it. We’re ending November.
We give our thanks to each partner and member.
You’ve never said humbug. You’ve never been selfish.
Your sleigh-filling efforts are thoroughly elfish.
You gave and you gave and you made it systemic
Despite all the hardship, in spite of pandemic.

Week Seven’s upon us with one final ask
And though it is bold, you’ll be up to the task
A gift with such meaning, they’ll all be elated.
Here’s your assignment, this time plainly stated...

Best Submissions for the Week 7 Challenge: