Join the Seven Weeks of Giving Challenge

AFCEA DC has found a way to be together. By banding together to support Toys for Tots. And why not have some fun while doing it? Every week, we’ll challenge you to buy a toy. Because we recognize that each of you is dedicated to solving problems, we’ll ask you to do just that: We’ll name the category, you deliver the playful solution.

Use your imagination and help us fill our sleigh!

Time Remaining to Donate

Last year we donated more than 4,000 toys to the Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program. With a little creativity, we’ll do even better this year.

Weekly Toy Challenges

Ocotber 19 - October 25

The spirit of giving should also be fun
So, here is the challenge we give for Week One:

Let’s lead with your heart by growing young minds
As someone who seeks so often finds,
Not sugar plums or candy canes
The brightest of gifts will fill up their brains
AFCEA DC now humbly beseeches
Please wisely provide:



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