AFCEA DC November Virtual Event

5G: Powering Military Smart Bases

AFCEA DC’s overarching theme for our 2020-2021 Virtual Event Series, "A Common Defense: Modern. Innovative. Joint," is in alignment with the 60th annual NDAA, which features 5G, or fifth generation networking, as a fundamental element.

Fifth generation wireless technologies have the potential to revolutionize and transform DoD operations, particularly around the development of military smart bases. After Hurricane Michael severely damaged Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida in 2018, Air Force leaders saw an opportunity to rebuild for the future. Tyndall has served as a testbed for 5G installation, with Air Force leaders looking to expand 5G to bases across the globe. The Army, Navy, and Marine Corp. are operating smart base testbeds, as well.  Powered by 5G, the DoD and military’s complex networks of sensors, wearables, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices can leverage cloud and edge computing to support the streaming of massive amounts of data to warfighters or for wide-scale video, surveillance and analytics that cover everything from flight-line operations to physical perimeter security. This virtual event will focus on how these solutions are revolutionizing the DOD and how innovators are working to ensure that the Smart Base’s of the future are both secure and resilient.

Please join AFCEA DC for a virtual event on Nov. 12, 2020 to hear DoD leaders discuss the basic tenants and building blocks required for a 5G reference architecture and lessons learned from testbeds of future connected military bases. 

AFCEA Washington, DC
Monthly Virtual Event Series
Thursday, December 10, 2020
5:00 PM - 5:30 PM


Industry Member: $45
Industry Non-Member: $55
Government: Complimentary*
* Reserved for current government and active duty military – excludes government contractors.


COL Schawn Branch

5G Program Lead


Frank Konieczny

Chief Technology Officer


Dr. Daniel Massey

Program Lead - Operate Through, 5G to NextG Initiative


Brig. Gen. Patrice Melancon

Tyndall Program Management Office Executive Director


LtCol Brandon Newell

Director, SoCal Tech Bridge



Sal D'Itri


National Spectrum Consortium


Thursday, November 12, 2020
12:00 PM - 12:10 PMWelcome Remarks 
12:10 PM - 1:00 PMPanel Discussion
1:00 PM - 2:00 PMVirtual Networking